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PICS: Dom in LA, May 21

Dominic Monaghan dons his Manchester United shirt in honour of his beloved soccer team, which won the Premier League title last week
Los Angeles , California - 21.05.09

ManU always wins. *yaaawn* lol.
Btw, Bayern Munich won't win the German premier league tomorrow. Hehe. I know someone will object. ;)

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Domlijah Comic Con

More Dom with Ryan pics

Pacific Coast News Online has 10 pics of Ryan and Dom outside the gym online. Unfortunately, I couldn't save those pictures(it says they disabled the right click and save and want people to send the link), maybe someone can snag the pics nonetheless*hopes*

Who's feeling Bromantic?

Duh, it's Dominic Monaghan! The expelled Lost star wasn't afraid to show his affection while parting with a friend outside his L.A. gym yesterday.

How precious. It's like a scene out of Brody Jenner's reality show. But without the booze, harem of giggling blonde chicks, and thirty other men competing for his affection.

And I love how they call it Bromance;)

Domlijah Comic Con

Dom watching Superbowl with Elijah(pics) and Chuck review

Thanks to moonagh for finding some pics of Dom and Elijah taking a break from Superbowl watching in L.A.
Unfortunately only thumbnails, but maybe someone will find bigger ones*crosses fingers*

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Also found a review of Dom on Chuck that made me chuckle:

Dominic Monaghan, who played a rock star on “Lost,” guest stars as … a rock star. Jerome Bettis also stars as an ex-con football player, but it’s Monaghan who steals the show, if not Nestor Carbonell’s eye liner.


Jack Sparrow's coat, Richard's eyeliner...Man, man, man-Tyler Martin sure is a thief;)