wish you were here with me tonight on the island (nothing_to_say) wrote in dom_media,
wish you were here with me tonight on the island

fan sighting and music mention

A recent fan sighting provided by Mike Mears II:

Saw Dominic Monaghan today after work. It's true, I am hobbit height, Merry and I were eye to eye. - 10:40 PM, September 26, 2008

Dom is mentioned in his brother, Matt's, myspace blog entry about his latest EP:

Thanks for this EP goes out to EricRobinson the engineer and additional intrument player, Brandon Walters (elec guit), Greg Laswell (advice and tambourine), Dominic Monaghan (backing vocals on 'the zombie song' and moral support) and the phantoms of LA.

For those interested, you can find a copy of the song mentioned via Amazon and iTunes.

ETA: The EP is also located on Rhapsody, though the track mentioned above is not available for sale.
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