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wish you were here with me tonight on the island

TIFF gossip + sighting

From here (emphasis mine):


While every journo tried to get Lost beauty Evangeline Lily to spill the coconuts regarding her on-and-off again romance with co-star Dominic Monaghan, The Cadillac Insider had more important matters on our minds: What will happen on Lost next season. She tells us, "I'd have to kill you if I told you." See, I told you she was a bitch. Lily, who is in town promoting Afterwards with co-star John Malkovich, issued a "no comment," regarding her reunion with Monaghan. And no, she wasn't sporting an engagement ring — I checked. Monaghan, however, did speak to the press on the red carpet announcing he's, "a big fan of Canadian women. They're hot." Hey, Dom — Canuck men aren't so bad either. And we're much taller than you Americans, too. Later, the "couple" dined at Sotto Sotto, which is unofficially the official celeb restaurant of the festival.

For those curious, this is the restaurant in mention. The restaurant sighting is confirmed from Toronto Star and E!Online.
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