June 18th, 2009

Domlijah Comic Con

Flash Forward authors talk about the rumours of Dom joining the show

The pilot for Flash Forward was shown to the press and there are several new interviews with the writers due to that and of course they are also asked about Dom joining their show...

Dominic Monaghan: TV biz watchers have been tracking -- but will still not get confirmation -- on the rumors that the "Lost" casualty has been added to the cast. Goyer and Guggenheim declined to speak to the online speculation. "Obviously, we're not going to tell you that," Goyer said. "So much of the speculation is so . . . wrong; it's awesome."


Not surprisingly the chat opened with the big elephant in the room: is Dominic Monaghan joining the cast? "We're obviously not going to tell you that," Goyer smiles. "But we've heard that rumor as well. I will say part of the fun for us is... I read the stuff that comes over [on Google Alerts] and part of the fun for us is there's all this speculation about obviously Dominic Monaghan, where the show can go, where it can't go and I think the fun for us was we've had so much lead time on the show - when Brannon [Braga] and I wrote the pilot, we wrote the first half before the writers' strike and the second half after so there's actually a year in between. We had a long time to thing about it. For me personally and for Marc, knowing where we're at, how far ahead we are in terms of having things planned out - so much of the speculation is so fucking wrong that it's awesome.