June 10th, 2009

Domlijah Comic Con

Flash Forward to start airing Sept. 24

According to Kristin from EOnline and the ABC fall schedule Flash Forward will premiere Sept. 24, 8-9pm on ABC.

And look how she's advertising the show:

ABC is the first of the biggies to release some of their premiere dates for returning shows like Desperate Housewives and newcomers such as Flash Forward, featuring Lost's Dominic Monaghan. In case you forgot what the Alphabet network has in store for us, please revisit our Upfronts story.


Seems like she believes IGN and their sources;)

And she also mentions that Flash Forward might have a panel at ComicCon:

Some shows expected to present panels (or at least something) at the Con include Dexter, Dollhouse, Flash Forward, Ghost Whisperer, Legend of the Seeker, Lost and True Blood. Dates and times for all these are TBD, but True Blood will probably land on the weekend

V is screening their pilot at Comic Con much like Lost did years ago so I think we can expect something Flash Forward related as well:)
Domlijah Comic Con

Pacejunkie, you are a star now;) Kristin posts about that twitter rumour about Dom

pacejunkie, you have made it into Kristin's Watch with Kristin blog-as a source! Go you!

And so it begins! The rumors about the shape of Lost's sixth season have begun to circulate, and the first one is juicy!

Writer-inner Minty tells us that noted Lost blogosphere denizen Pacejunkie discovered this guy, who tweets, "Lost Scoop: Charlie (Dominic Monaghan) returns for 4 episodes, Clarie (Emily De Ravin [sic]) for full-season, Shannon (Maggie Grace) for 6 episodes!"

Could it be true? Is Shannon coming back? And could Dom be returning to Lost for a guest gig as well as appearing on new ABC series Flash Forward? We've checked with all the authorities, and here's what we're hearing...


As for Charlie Pace, Dom's reps tell us, "He might or might not be back on Lost...You'll just have to stay tuned." Relations between team Dom and team Darlton seem fairly good, so we're not just going to stay tuned, we're going to cross our fingers and pray that dead rock star Charlie comes back just long enough to see Claire and Aaron get on that helicopter and escape the Island, fulfilling Desmond's vision. We think that would make dead rock star Charlie happy.