June 2nd, 2009

dom rain

Twitter sighting

Twitter user Gira Balisteri (from LA), claim to be "S.A.G. Actress / Trader Joe's food sample lady / Artist / Aspiring Comedian / Underachiever Extrodinaire!", posted this message on Sunday (May 31st):

Brunch update...table of power producers 2 left Dominic Monaghan 2 right n 10 other faces i cant place. - 12:35 PM May 31st

From another tweet that was posted earlier, the brunch supposedly took place in Château Marmont (a famous hotel in LA area).

Edit: From what I can understand (and please correct me if I am wrong), the poster spotted him during her brunch with friends, and not actually sharing a table?
Domlijah Comic Con

Could Dom have been in Manchester recently?

Remember that twitter sighting of him at a concert in England? And a guy claiming Dom had an apartment in the same house he had and him only noticing recently? Well, there's another Twitter mention of Dom having been in England.

i keep forgetting that - i walked past dominic monaghan as i was getting to my house a couple of weeks back!...
10:25 AM Jun 1st from web

http://twitter.com/sillymoovicky The poster is from Manchester.