December 15th, 2008

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Dom narrating 'Devil's Bible' documentary?

Edit: Someone who has managed to catch the Dec. 13th airing was able to confirm (and let me know) that Dom is credited as the narrator. :D

For those who has National Geographic Channel (US), can someone please check to see if Dom is indeed the narrator for the documentary, Devil's Bible?

The NGC page regarding the documentary is here (with the next airing schedule on it). There are also 2 clips from the show found under the 'Video' tab, both of which has the narrator's track describing the scene.

I have poked around IMDB but I have yet to find a listing for that documentary (I've found this via a twitter alert). If anyone can provide more information I would be most grateful. :)
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Dom in Wolverine trailer

According to DarkUFO, you can see a very quick flash (< 1 second?) of Dom as Beak in X-Men Origin: Wolverine trailer, which is now shown in the theatre as a preview for the movie The Day the Earth Stood Still. He can be seen "only very briefly in a group shot, where he is the second from the right".

Here's the cap:

The trailer can now be found here (watch while you can before someone flagged it). The movie is set to be in the movie theatre in May 2009.

Edit: A HD version can be found via Myspace over here.