October 21st, 2008

dom summer sun

Video of Dom talking about the new Fable II video game

(Note: This interview contains clips from the video game that is not suitable for those under 18.)

(An additional cap I made while writing up this post.)

You can watch on-site in high-quality OR lower quality.

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Dom's part isn't a lot (he appeared in the middle and the beginning of the clip), but the entire interview itself is quite fun to watch. :D
billy eiff

TV watch

For those who lives in the US and has the Sci Fi channel, Dom will appear in a show called Hero Factor: Fable 2 in the next few days (up until the 24th). He has done some voice-over work for that game.

Unfortunately, most of the airing is during the wee-hours of the day, so you might need your VCR / DVR handy.

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I am not sure how the broadcast version is different than this interview, but will anyone be willing to record it to make sure?

edit: There seems to be some conflict regarding the schedule on a different site, so please check with your local TV schedule to make sure.

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