September 30th, 2008

dom summer sun

weekend Dom sighting

Hayley posted her Dom sighting this past weekend.

My story begins as my family and I were driving to The Penthouse, a restaurant in Santa Monica on the coast. We were getting ready to board the red eye back to the East Coast and decided to end our weekend in style. Well, we are driving along the coast and I am just looking out the window, as I had all weekend, eyes peeled for celebrities, when I see him. Charlie. Walking down the sidewalk, shopping bags in hand, rocking a pretty awesome mohawk. The only thing that I could get out of my mouth was "Oh my gosh its Charlie from LOST! Charlie from LOST! Charlie from LOST! Charlie from LOST!!!" and I immediately reached for the door handle, but quickly realized that jumping out of a moving vehicle would not be the best idea I've had. Erin, of course, freaked out as well. And she isn't even really a LOST fan. She really just loves the LOTR trilogy. And you have to admit, he made a great hobbit.