August 15th, 2008

Dom_Media mod

Aug 12th Dom sighting

Dom was spotted at the Hotel Cafe bar in Hollywood (see note below)

"Tuesday night I went with Garrett and Amy to a bar in Hollywood to see Garrett's friend from Oklahoma, Samantha Crain, perform. It was great and we stayed for a while watching the other performers, including this very cool girl Jackie Tohn. That wasn't really the exciting part, though, the highlight was that at the bar we saw Dominic Monaghan, aka a hobbit and Charlie on Lost! He was just hanging out. Then, when Jackie Tohn performed at the end of the night, Seth Green showed up! Both of them were much shorter than I imagined, but Seth Green was tiny!

They were my first non-movie premiere celebrity sightings of the quarter, and they were fairly solid. Garrett and I wanted to walk up to Dominic and talk to him about the ways that he really didn't need to die at the end of the third season, but we didn't.


Note: Samantha Crain's myspace lists her Aug 12th date as being at the Hotel Cafe.