July 3rd, 2008

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Variety Article on CQC

'CQC' hits Portugal, eyes U.S.
Eyeworks cashing in on satirical news program
BUENOS AIRES -- Eyeworks Cuatro Cabezas has sold the format of "Caiga Quien Caiga" (CQC) to Portugal's top broadcaster TVI, its latest sale of the satirical news program as it prepares to pitch a specially made pilot to U.S. networks.

TVI will start airing a version in October, with Cuatro Cabezas handling production.

"CQC" is the company's widest selling format, with versions on air in Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Italy and Spain.

The Buenos Aires-based outfit, which became part of Dutch indie production group Eyeworks last year, is now gearing up to sell the format to the U.S. English-language market.

This month it will begin pitching a pilot of the 90-minute program hosted by "Lost's" Dominic Monaghan, Comedy Central host Greg Giraldo and Zach Selwyn ("Dream Job"), which the trio recorded in Buenos Aires last month.
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