June 6th, 2008

Domlijah Comic Con

Dom to appear in movie with Evie?

NY Film shooting this summer looking for 3D animator!!!!
Seeking 3D animators to provide animation for low budget independent feature film SYNAPSE - shooting in June in NYC with stars Evangeline Lilly and Dominic Monaghan.

SYNAPSE is about a young video animator who falls in love with a neuroscientist and tries to use her imagination and his theories about the brain to stay connected when he moves to Japan. In humorous and poignant ways, the story grapples with the uncertainties of perception and the possibilities of love.

We are looking for approximately 30 seconds of animation of a 3D online game in progress called SPACE JUMP ( a ski jumper jumps into outer space encountering fantastical obstacles) and 10 seconds of an existing game (or animation that looks like one). Great opportunity for exposure and potential for future involvement in the online marketing campaign and the film (set visits, invitations to screenings etc).



I further checked the info and the people on the Lost-Forum got their info from Evangeline-Lilly.net. They got the info from here:

(scroll down and you´ll find it)

It's the International Game Developers Association and it's a job offer and at the end it says to contact Jen at Salty Features, so I went and checked the Salty Features homepage and the movie is listed there, they are the production company:

(scroll down)
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