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What Dom could have looked like in X-Men

Early concept art for Wolverine that has just been released shows what Dom would have looked like if they had really had him play Beak.

I am glad they went with his natural look, though;)

Lost star Dominic Monaghan as you never saw him in X-Men Origins: Wolverine
By David Bentley on Jun 21, 09 10:06 PM
NEWLY released concept artwork for X-Men Origins: Wolverine reveals the character that Dominic Monaghan was originally intended to play in the movie.

The 32-year-old English actor, who rose to fame in Lord of the Rings and in the TV show Lost, had originally been cast in Wolverine as a freakish, bird-like mutant called Barnell Bohusk, otherwise known as Beak.

In the comic books, the character was even more avian - with a feathered body and rudimentary wings. His mutation was later removed and he went on to wear a hi-tech flight suit and take the name Blackwing.

You can see the movie's proposed version of Beak in the image on the right.

The first version of the script by David Benioff featured Beak as a carnival sideshow attraction, who was killed by Sabretooth.

But later versions of the screenplay changed Monaghan's character to Chris Bradley, a normal-looking mutant with the codename Bolt, who is able to manipulate electricity (and, by extension, any electrically-powered devices). As in the earlier drafts, he was murdered by Sabretooth.

In the Wolverine movie, a stuffed bird (somewhat resembling Beak) in Bolt's circus caravan was a nod to the earlier script.

The artwork is by Jerad S Merantz, whose website also shows his designs for Blob and for the surgically-altered Weapon XI version of Deadpool seen in the climactic fight scenes at the end of Wolverine. Merantz's sketches (see below, on left) show a far less human-looking Weapon XI than was in the movie.

Other concept drawings can be found at the Maleficium website of Phillip Boutte Jr.

His sketches show Wolverine and Victor Creed (Sabretooth) looking similar to the way they did on film, as well as a version of the earlier, unaltered Deadpool played by Ryan Reynolds.


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