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Dom and Damon @ breakfast

Originally from Kristen. I'd just like to point out that Dom and Damon had lunch a couple of times before, so I wouldn't get all head over heels. lol.

June 23rd, 2009
It's been vaguely hinted at in an ABC promo and rumored lately that Dominic Monaghan will return to the hit series Lost as Charlie Pace, and now a new wrinkle has surfaced. E! Online is reporting that Monaghan was spotted earlier today in Los Angeles having breakfast with Lost executive producer/showrunner Damon Lindelof.

Of course, it isn't known what the two were discussing, but with the rumors piling up about the return of Monaghan's Charlie Pace, it is possible that was what the meeting was for.

We'll surely keep you posted on any and all news about the highly-anticipated sixth and final season of Lost that will air in early 2010. (link didn't work when I tried it)
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Dom mention

I got this article in my google alerts:

Color Him Happy Without The Sun

While the tanning revolution certainly hasn't made its way to your father, it doesn't mean you can't try. Such popular celeb sons like Robert Buckley, Dave Annable and Dominic Monaghan are fans of Fake Bake Men's Kit. While Fake Bake is a British import and superior spray service, this kit comes with a face crub, shave gel and a bronzer to finish for a healthy glow. []
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Dom will attend the LA Film Festival screening for I sell the dead!

Just found out thanks to primula_baggins who's planning on attending the I sell the dead screening that Dom is announced to be in attendance for the screening!

With special guest attendees Dominic Monaghan and Ron Perlman
(click on I sell the dead and the additional info will pop up)

The movie will have two screenings, not sure which one Dom will attend or if he'll be at both.

Wed, Jun 24th 7:15pm
Landmark 8

Fri, Jun 26th 10:00pm
Majestic Crest

I guess that means new Dom pics as of next week*yay* Too bad he couldn't make it to the screening I saw in Amsterdam;)
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Flash Forward authors talk about the rumours of Dom joining the show

The pilot for Flash Forward was shown to the press and there are several new interviews with the writers due to that and of course they are also asked about Dom joining their show...

Dominic Monaghan: TV biz watchers have been tracking -- but will still not get confirmation -- on the rumors that the "Lost" casualty has been added to the cast. Goyer and Guggenheim declined to speak to the online speculation. "Obviously, we're not going to tell you that," Goyer said. "So much of the speculation is so . . . wrong; it's awesome."

Not surprisingly the chat opened with the big elephant in the room: is Dominic Monaghan joining the cast? "We're obviously not going to tell you that," Goyer smiles. "But we've heard that rumor as well. I will say part of the fun for us is... I read the stuff that comes over [on Google Alerts] and part of the fun for us is there's all this speculation about obviously Dominic Monaghan, where the show can go, where it can't go and I think the fun for us was we've had so much lead time on the show - when Brannon [Braga] and I wrote the pilot, we wrote the first half before the writers' strike and the second half after so there's actually a year in between. We had a long time to thing about it. For me personally and for Marc, knowing where we're at, how far ahead we are in terms of having things planned out - so much of the speculation is so fucking wrong that it's awesome.
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"Mutual interest" in a Charlie return visit

Kristen once again guesses and mentions her allegedly "reliable sources".

Cynthia in Ireland: I was so happy to hear about Charlie, Shannon and Claire returning to Lost next season, and then so bummed to find out that nothing except Claire is for sure yet. What's the current status of various dead castmembers returning to Lost?

Even though Dominic Monaghan is said to be appearing on another ABC show next season, reportedly Flash Forward, we're just paranoid enough to think it might be a double cross, and that D.M. might actually be heading back to Lost after (or in addition to) whatever else he does on the Alphabet Net. Why do we think this? Because very reliable sources now tell us that there is "mutual interest" (between the Lost PTB and Dominic Monaghan) in bringing about a season-six return visit by Charlie Pace. Look for official developments in the next week or two.

And I can't believe people actually voted for Paolo and Nikki. Lol.
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DarkUFO: Tweet is a hoax

DarkUFO investigated the Tweet that claims Charlie and Shannon will be back for a few episodes.

Update: 23:20 Thanks to max_jaybo for this update. Also EOnline have jumped on the bandwagon and have made a post about this, of course with crediting/thanking us, but hey what's new :)

Update: 23:25 TV Guide now have a little video discussing this.

Update: 23:30 I can now confirm this as False from the Twitter source.

Thanks, Spikegirl